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  • Web Development
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  • Governors Office of Planning and Research
September 2016 - December 2021


The State Adaptation Clearinghouse is a centralized source of information and resources to assist California decision makers at the state, regional, and local levels for planning and implementing climate adaptation projects.

My Work

From our initial discussions and brainstorming sessions, the main overall direction that emerged was to create a user experience that enabled users to explore the Clearinghouse resources in multiple ways. I looked at other clearinghouse websites for best practices and developed designs & web templates for the Search Resources and Find Resources by Topic pages.

The current design is a result of improvements based on several rounds of user feedback and a desire from the client to bring the look and feel closer to other state websites.

I designed and developed an interactive web version of the Adaptation Planning Guide. The print version of the guide is over 200 pages with multiple chapters, appendices and figures. It’s much harder to read such long content on the web. I created mock-ups in Figma, creating tabs corresponding to the logical divisions present in the report to chunk up the content, and summarized long paragraphs within each section into lists and accordions.


Co-developed with the team at the Geospatial Innovation Facility, UC Berkeley. Built with the State of California Web Template.

Screenshot of the Adaptation Clearinghouse home pageScreenshot of the Adaptation Clearinghouse Find a Tool pageScreenshot of the Adaptation Planning Guide home pageScreenshot of the Adaptation Planning Guide Phase 1 page